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Applications Summary

Project leader and system development for 100+ systems (propose, business design, database design (dba), program, testing, document, prepare manuals, implement, support), six conference presentations, nine articles published, prepared and presented classes on four subjects for manufacturing, oil & gas trading, research & development, and insurance organizations. Agile and adaptable - designs for the unknown. Expects unforeseen benefits. Quick turnaround time. Good feel for business processes. Develop successful applications.Details

Articles & Presentations

Agile Methodologies and Chaos Revisited (Technical form ppt)
Agile Methodologies and Chaos Revisited (Management form ppt)
Agile Methodologies and Chaos Revisited (Management overview html)
Self-Building reports Designing systems to handle Chaos
Agile Reporting Myth of Ad-Hoc Reporting
Myth of Ad-Hoc Reporting Management overview
Handling surprises & Changes Innovation and Turmoil
Adult Continuing Education Class MS Access Introductory class
PMtimes article 2018 Don't YOU be the Cause of an IT Project Failure
Other Articles - Six not on web site
Speeches at conferences - Four not on web site

Business Scope

Trading, Credit Risk, Document Imaging & Tracking, Accounting, Cost Accounting, Internal Billing, Price Publication with Audit Trails, Data Analysis and Auditing, R&D, Contract Proposals, Engineering, Forecasting, Information Center, Insurance, Invoices, Manufacturing (tracking systems, quality control), Blueprint Library, Personnel, Training, Phone Book & Yellow Pages, Newsletters. Details

Technical: asp, asp.net, VB.net, COM, SQL Server (certification), Oracle, MS Access (certification), Excel (certification), Visual Basic for Applications (VBA certification), ANSI and T-SQL, ADO/ADO.NET, XML, XML Schema, Windows, Lotus Notes, Databases (RDBMS, relational, network and hierarchical), GUI and Web interfaces, Sql Server (certification), SQL, FOCUS, WebFocus, FORTRAN, COBOL, PL/1, BASIC, HTML, JavaScript, SCRUM, FDD, UML, models, Use Cases, Agile Methods, Deming Quality, Tom Peters methods, Toastmaster (certification). Conferences: Microsoft TechED, Agile conference, IBI Summit, UML conference. MCSD, MCSP, CSP, CTM. Details


        Explain software migration costs to a VP using Chickens and Geese as an example.    


     How to Mis-Manage Expectations    



Personal philosophies that apply to all phases of life.

This came about when I was playing the game of "Questions" with a poet in California.  One would ask a question, and if the other answered, the first person would have to answer the same question.  The question: "What are your values?"  Sounds easy, but it took over two weeks to distinguish activities from their underlying values.

---Observations --- Just a few things to think about: Adaptability - design for the unknown; Product Quality - How much better can your product be with a little more creative effort; Timeliness - The bathtub curve of quality and its impact on systems development; Generations - Old age and treachery can overcome youth and enthusiasm? Expanding Technology - Yesterday's science fiction is today's reality - staying current

My picture and it's No Bull

Places in Houston that I like to take visitors and guests for dining and entertainment, and other favorites, such as bookstores and craftsmen.

It includes links to other sites that have a more extensive listing.

Writing runs in the family. The Attica Ledger Tribune has published my mother's weekly articles for more than 24 years. My daughter, Maryanne Myers just released a new book, RANDOM, The Nefarious Realm available through www.buybooksontheweb.com. As recently de-classified CIA files prove, there are people whose soul-selves can travel anywhere at will, while their mortal bodies remain asleep. This novel is about people who can 'O.B.E.' (Out-of-Body- Experience) at will. She publishes newsletters on the web and also will distribute your advertising across the web to millions of subscribers.



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