Course Description


Students will learn relational database concepts, then learn how to create a system using queries, forms and reports.  The reports will use a start & end date retrieved from the Main Menu. The students will use MS Word to create instructions, then use a hyperlink button on the Main Menu to retrieve them. 

Click the menu at the left to see examples from the exercises.

Course Contents 

  • Databases & Data Storage - Tables

  • Data Retrieval - Queries

  • Data Updates - Forms

  • Data Presentation - Reports & Graphs

  • System Control - Main Menu

  • Assistance - Button Bars & Wizards

  • User Instructions - Hyperlink to MS Word

Exercise Basis

Frequently, class exercises use a very small amount of data to show a point.  It is sometimes difficult to get a feel for the techniques with such small amounts of data.  The students can't see what happens when they make changes.  The database used in the exercises for this class contains plenty of data.

The students are running a business, called "Garage Sales", out of their garage selling seven items.  They have 700 customers with 2,000+ orders over three months.  Shipping costs and discounts vary by customer.  The system will maintain the merchandise and customer lists.  When the user selects a customer, they will be able to view and maintain each order.  Reports will show all details of orders for a customer including costs, discounts, shipping charges and net prices.  A summary report lists counts and dollars by each merchandise item. Distributions are shown in pie charts on the same page.