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  First came The Vision
        From that came the plan, then the specifications
  And the plan was without form, and the specification was void,
        And darkness was on the faces of the implementation team…
  And they spoke to their Team Leader, saying
        "It is a crock of crap, and stinks to high heaven…"

  Now the Team Leader spoke to the Project Leader, saying
        "It is a crock of feces, and intolerably malodorous…"
  Now the Project Leader spoke to the Department Head, saying
        "It is a vessel of fertilizer of overpowering strength…"
  And the Department Head spoke to the Director, saying
        "It contains that which aids the growth of plants, and it is strong…"
  Now the Director spoke to the Vice President, saying
        "It promotes growth, and is very powerful…"
  Now the Vice President spoke to the President, saying
        "This powerful new product will promote the growth of the company…"
  And the President looked upon the new product,
                                                And saw that it was good.