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McGonigels Mucky Duck is an Irish bar near the Summit that has place cards for seating, good food, one of the top 10 wine lists in Houston, and excellent music. It's so nice that some people, not many but some, take their kids. On Saturdays, they have both non-smoking and smoking shows, although few people smoke anymore. Last time I counted 5 in the whole place. The prices are reasonable and dress is casual.

The acoustics are excellent. There is a coziness with the performers that I have not felt in other establishments. As for drinks, I like the pear cider.

Sara Hickman was at the Mucky Duck a while back. She displayed the mark of a true expert that night. An expert makes things look easy when they arenít. The couple at the next table brought their three year old daughter, Zia. Sara stopped her show, asked the little girl her name and age, then made up a song about Zia and had the crowd singing the chorus. It was cute.


For those Northerners who visit thinking that Houstonians wear cowboy hats, spurs and ride their horses downtown, the GOODE COMPANY on I-10 is the place for dinner. Their plank flooring, huge chandeliers, stuffed buffalo, cow hide chairs with the fur still on, saddles on the wall, and gun cases provide just the right atmosphere. The odor of mesquite greets the diners as they enter to make their selections of some of the best BBQ in Houston. I send their BBQ sauce around the country at Christmas. E-mail me at myersww@att.net and I will send you their address.

El Patio, the Mexican Restaurant, is noisy, the table arrangements change constantly, but the food is good. If you do not see somethng on the menu - ask.

When the extravaganzas aren't available at Jones Hall, Theater Under the Stars provide first rate musicals throughout the year. For those who love musicals, the shows run through enough dates and prices are low enough so that anyone should be able to attend.


For Greek food, live Greek music and belly dancers, visit http://alexanderthegreat.cc.



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