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Systems Development
Never, Never lose sight of the ultimate goal! Any project can cause confusion. It's easy to become distracted, but don't let that deter you from your goals. Take steps to make sure that it doesn't.
Design for the unknown...
Make your systems as flexible as possible.
Add as many options as possible to your systems for if your system is rigid, no matter what you include, the users will want something else.
Bathtub curve of quality

No application is ever implemented that is perfect. Changes will be required due to bugs, process changes, or awkwardness in the user interface. The project will start with a large number of changes that will decline to a minimum level after implementation, and then slowly rise as it becomes obsolete. The real risk is when to implement and what to expect:
  • Too Early: too many bugs
  • Too Late: Someone else may come up with a better product
  • Optimum: Hope that the residual bugs do not destroy data, cause incorrect decisions, or are difficult to fix.
  • Expect many changes immediately after implementation. That is not the time for the development team to go on vacation or be disbanded.

Systems Development, General Observations, Science Fiction,

General Observations
Old age and treachery will overcome youth and enthusiasm any time. I saw this posted on someone's wall years ago. However, with technology changing so fast, even old age must keep up with technology so that they can apply the treachery.
HTML has the same look-feel of a 1970's mainframe word processor HTML consists of inbedded codes that tell the browser how to format the output.
Computer illiterate morons
The world today is full of computer illiterate morons who, for some reason, insist on working with these machines. What's interesting is, as much humor potential as there is in these moron's mistakes, there are very few web pages dedicated to making fun of them. Here is a collection of stories about these idiots and the people who are forced to put up with them. Google computer illiterate morons.

Systems Development, General Observations, Science Fiction,

Yesterday's Science Fiction is Today's Reality
"Thefutureofseldonsplan." The transcriber with infinate aplomb, translated that elegantly, complicated script capitals as: "The Future of Seldon's Plan."

Second Foundation, Asimov, Isaac. 1948, p 92.

IBM in the late 90's advertised on TV software that claimed to do what that transcriber would do! Voice recognition apps are common on cell phones today.
The Thorsen tube... "direct the machine through an operation by manual control, and the tube will remember..."

Door into Summer, Heinlein, Robert. 1956, p 27.

Some of the devices in the story do not exist yet, but some do, such as CAD/CAM software. The "tube" is the integrated circuit chip of today. Manufacturing robots are trained this way. Excel macros can be recorded in this manner using the wizard.

Speaker for the Dead,

Orson Scott Card  p 257                  

"(people) are not stupid. This is how humans are: We question all of our beliefs, except for the ones that we truly believe, and those we never think to question."
Obligations of Humanity

Enderís Game

Orson Scott Card , p 304.

"Humanity does not ask us to be happy. It merely asks us to be brilliant on its behalf."


Systems Development, General Observations, Science Fiction,

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