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Motto: Nothing counts until it goes into production.


Applications Summary

Project leader and system development for 71 systems (propose, business design, database design (dba), program, testing, document, prepare manuals, implement, support), six conference presentations, nine articles published, prepared and presented classes on four subjects for manufacturing, oil & gas trading, research & development, and insurance organizations. Agile and adaptable - designs for the unknown. Expects unforeseen benefits. Quick turnaround time. Good feel for business processes. Develop successful applications.Details
Articles & Presentations

Agile Methodologies and Chaos Revisited (Technical form ppt)
Agile Methodologies and Chaos Revisited (Management form ppt)
Agile Methodologies and Chaos Revisited (Management overview html)
Self-Building reports Designing systems to handle Chaos
Agile Reporting Myth of Ad-Hoc Reporting
Myth of Ad-Hoc Reporting Management overview
Handling surprises & Changes Innovation and Turmoil
Adult Continuing Education Class MS Access Introductory class
Articles - Six not on web site
Speeches at conferences - Four not on web site
Business Scope

Trading, Credit Risk, Document Imaging & Tracking, Accounting, Cost Accounting, Internal Billing, Price Publication with Audit Trails, Data Analysis and Auditing, R&D, Contract Proposals, Engineering, Forecasting, Information Center, Insurance, Invoices, Manufacturing (tracking systems, quality control), Blueprint Library, Personnel, Training, Phone Book & Yellow Pages, Newsletters. Details
Technical: asp, asp.net, VB.net, COM, SQL Server (certification), Oracle, MS Access (certification), Excel (certification), Visual Basic for Applications (VBA certification), ANSI and T-SQL, ADO/ADO.NET, XML, XML Schema, Windows, Lotus Notes, Databases (RDBMS, relational, network and hierarchical), GUI and Web interfaces, Sql Server (certification), SQL, FOCUS, WebFocus, FORTRAN, COBOL, PL/1, BASIC, HTML, JavaScript, SCRUM, FDD, UML, models, Use Cases, Agile Methods, Deming Quality, Tom Peters methods, Toastmaster (certification). Conferences: Microsoft TechED, Agile conference, IBI Summit, UML conference. MCSD, MCSP, CSP, CTM. Details


        Explain software migration costs to a VP using Chickens and Geese as an example.    


     How to Mis-Manage Expectations    



Personal philosophies that apply to all phases of life.

This came about when I was playing the game of "Questions" with a poet in California.  One would ask a question, and if the other answered, the first person would have to answer the same question.  The question: "What are your values?"  Sounds easy, but it took over two weeks to distinguish activities from their underlying values.

---Observations --- Just a few things to think about: Adaptability - design for the unknown; Product Quality - How much better can your product be with a little more creative effort; Timeliness - The bathtub curve of quality and its impact on systems development; Generations - Old age and treachery can overcome youth and enthusiasm? Expanding Technology - Yesterday's science fiction is today's reality - staying current

My picture and it's No Bull

Places in Houston that I like to take visitors and guests for dining and entertainment, and other favorites, such as bookstores and craftsmen.

It includes links to other sites that have a more extensive listing.

Writing runs in the family. The Attica Ledger Tribune has published my mother's weekly articles for more than 24 years. My daughter, Maryanne Myers just released a new book, RANDOM, The Nefarious Realm available through www.buybooksontheweb.com. As recently de-classified CIA files prove, there are people whose soul-selves can travel anywhere at will, while their mortal bodies remain asleep. This novel is about people who can 'O.B.E.' (Out-of-Body- Experience) at will. She publishes newsletters on the web and also will distribute your advertising across the web to millions of subscribers.


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